E Cosy Hampton XL

E Cosy Hampton XL

This stove comes from a huge range from stove World. This company bucks the trend as they sell direct to consumers rather than through a dealer network. This makes their stoves vastly cheaper as essentially you buy for the price that the shop would have. They are shipped in from China (like many other "British" stoves), which is the other way that they are achieving such a low price, for something that feels and performs like a far more premium product. This one is entirely focused on wood burning with a steel body, cast iron door and a clean contemporary look. They also come with direct air as standard. 



Lighting the stove: 8/10

There is no grate or ash-pan for the air to sip up through, yet the stove lights very quickly with the door just ajar. 


Cleanness: 10/10

This stove runs as high as 85% efficiency and it complies with all the clean air regs etc. This high efficiency is surprising and yet the stove could run cleanly over night and didn't suffer with clouding of the glass that lots of high efficiency stoves do. I'm shocked to say this stove gets full marks! 


Controls & Controllability:8/10

The spillage of smoke is not really an issue unless you open it when it's full. The handles stay cool which is excellent, I have heard that handles are the weakest part of the stove, but during my testing I didn't find any issue. The stove comes with gloves for putting fuel on it. The control itself is good, I used it mainly without the DEFRA kit installed so that keeps it at peak performance, but on reflection I think my 6/10 in the video is a little low (I was unnerved by what others had said, but I have not heard any issues from other users messaging me and it appears this stove is due my uninfluenced assessment of 8/10.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 9/10

This stove again surprised here reaching double figures in terms of hours with a net of logs. It drove heat out well and ran overnight and it is cheap to buy. Again it is a high score for this, what I can only describe as "underpriced stove".


What I thought:


This stove has all the capability of more serious use, but the design focus was to create something for evenings and weekends as a back up and focal point. It isn't necessarily glamorous or a super desirable name, but from a performance and build point of view it is top of the range. This stove in some ways makes me uncomfortable, because it performs a long way above its price point. I'm less of a fan of the internal baffling design, but I am being a little picky and whilst that is reasonable with a £1,500 stove, at this price point it's nothing other than unreasonable. Well Done Stove World, this thing is excellent.


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