Pevex Newborne 40 Direct/Fresh air review:

Pevex Newborne 40 Direct/Fresh air review:

Newborne Direct air range is made in 2 sizes, both of which I have reviewed in the videos at the bottom of this blog. They are made in Britain from thick steel, they have little static grates for fuel flexibility and a big glass with a contemporary look. They also have lots of options from log stores to different leg heights and handle types too.


Lighting the stove: 7/10

The fact that they have a grate allows air to rush up under the fuel to light it more easily, this has some negatives for other reasons, but it does make lighting the stoves no bother at all.


Cleanness: 8/10

This is where the Direct air version of these stoves separate themselves from the standard Newborne versions. They are now higher efficiency, cleaner, but still have the same rugged toughness of the original models. They also comply with DEFRA and Eco-Design.


Controls & Controllability: 6/10

The handle has a nice clunk, and doesn't get too hot, and they have a single air control which makes using the stove very simple. I'm not a fan of they control aesthetically as it does stick out a bit, but Amy liked it and its little volume symbol stamped into it, so this is pretty subjective. It's also effective, capable of reigning the stove right back under control should it get to hot or a long burn be required.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 8/10

Thanks to this stoves high efficiency it actually surpassed expectation in this area. This stove is based on the Heta Inspire range, which is one of our highest rated stoves and thankfully this stove has not let the side down.


What I thought:


The handle gets hot and I'm not personally a fan of the air control look, but the whole stove works really well. It is clean, efficient controllable, so it is an all round good stove. It doesn't quite meet its inspiration (the Heta Inspire), but it is significantly more affordable, so who can blame it. If you're after a clean contemporary look, with flexibility on fuel and control and you want to buy British then definitely have a look in your local stove shop!


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