Saltfire Peanut range review:

Saltfire Peanut range review:

The Saltfire Peanut range is an all cast iron range from Saltfire, that is focused on burning Wood. They make a few different versions:

Peanut 3 + log store version

Peanut 5 + log store version

Bignut 5 + log store version

Peanut 8 + log store version

They are all really nicely put together. Sadly no cast iron stoves are entirely made in Britain anymore, so these will have all been designed, assembled and tested in England, but the castings themselves will come from over seas. This previously would have unnerved me along with many end users, but the Peanut range is a perfect example of how far things have moved on. The stoves are beautifully finished, the castings rather than being pitted, rough and inaccurate are now smooth and accurate. The panel gaps are all perfect and after several years of selling them, Saltfire themselves have almost no issues to speak of. I am really excited about this range and how its existence is shaping the stove industry into the future.



Lighting the stove: 8/10

This stove has a rather strange lower ash pan with a vent in it, despite its peculiar design it does make lighting the stove really easy. Open this lower vent and it will light with ease. Cast iron tends to take longer to heat up (simply because the panels tend to be thicker than steel), but even so this was simple and quick.


Cleanness: 8/10

These stoves are all DEFRA approved and EcoDesign, so they're all nice and clean. They also run at high efficiencies (the one I tested was over 80%). In terms of clean glass, obviously I use dry fuel, but it ran spotless all the time. I never had an issue with keeping the glass clean.


Controls & Controllability: 4/10

The main handle is really nicely engineered and has a really positive feel when it is used. It does get hot, but the stove does come with a glove so that's no great issue. The main control above the door is slightly awkward to get to though, particularly when it's hot. the other controls are below the door and they look and feel excellent. The lower ash pan (which is worth seeing in the below video review) is probably useful for removing ash, but it doubles up as an air vent which is fairly unique. This part of the design is the most confusing to me, because that all soon clogs with ash, rendering the control useless. If I was re-designing the stove I would delete that whole thing, but if it's clean it does make lighting the stove very quick and easy. 

The controllability is reasonable, but due to the DEFRA kit it is always clean, but not super controlled.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 5/10

The stove has good fuel economy and a reasonable burn time. It will suit evening and weekend use, but couldn't be considered a serious or continuous heating solution.


What I thought:

This is a really nicely put together, clean and efficient stove. Perfect for evening and weekend use as a focal point and back up/top up heating. Most people I speak to are only looking for this type of use with a stove, so these aren't bad points, but if you're looking for more than this model might not be for you. 

I really like this stoves look, and the accurate build leaves you with confidence that you have a nice product. And for anyone else who sees it, they would be astounded at how much you got for the modest prices that these stoves go for. It's a great deal and a smart bit of kit!



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