Aga Ludlow review

Aga Ludlow review

Aga have teamed up with another stove manufacturer (Oak Stoves) to bring this model to life. The engine is the same used in some of Oak Stoves own range of stoves and some others, its British made and a pleasure to see local British manufacturers working together locally, rather than just shipping in from afar.

They make 2 versions:

The Aga Ludlow EC5 and EC5w

They come with a multi-fuel grate and an ash pan, but the design is focused on burning wood. It's clean, heavy, tough, smart and that big Aga name definitely carries some weight. However unfortunately they're not without their problems, issues with paint peeling off and Aga badges falling off is a little too common for my liking. But to be fair Aga's warranty does seem impressive, even going so far as to send their own engineers to customers houses to ensure that any issue is handled correctly.


Lighting the stove: 7/10

This being a multi-fuel stove with a grate, makes lighting the stove nice and easy. Open up both controls, leave the door ajar and off it goes. 


Cleanness: 7/10

This stove was surprisingly clean, it was easy to keep in and surprising that it would stay clean on the glass too. It's obviously also DEFRA approved and Eco Design so it has all those boxes ticked too.


Controls: 4/10

It has 2 stainless steel air controls beneath the door, which don't always slide perfectly smoothly, but they were effective when they did. The handle is also not beautifully finished and can come loose, but does clunk nicely when it is closed. The controls are a bit of a mixed bag.


Fuel economy: 6/10

This stove will run hot with a big flame, but will also close down effectively to a slumber, but what's really impressive is that it continues to run clean. I found it really rewarding, it is one of the more surprising multi-fuel stoves despite the fact that it was being run on just wood.


Who's it for:

This stove is a long way from cheap and truth be told, similarly priced stoves will simply out class this stove in terms of lots of functions. But of course this is an Aga, since when did you question someones purchase of a Jag because they could of got 5% better fuel economy and the handles wouldn't of fallen apart on a Mercedes. It's an Aga and for me I can't help but love it, its flaws almost add something (either that or I'm just set in my ways?).



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