Woodford Lowry Review

Woodford Lowry Review

The Woodford collection is a whole range of stoves which is imported and distributed by Flue and Ducting. The Lowry range is a multi-fuel range that has a proper riddling grate and ash pan. They are made from steel and have cast iron doors with 2 separate controls, they are very heavy and have a big viewing glass. They also make the same stove with a slightly different look called the Turing


Lighting the stove: 7/10

Being a multi-fuel stove, you can simply open all the vents and you don't even have to leave the door ajar. Just some dry fuel, kindling and a firefighter and off it goes.


Cleanness: 5/10

This stove is very capable of running clean on the glass, and also complies with eco-design and DEFRA. It isn't hugely forgiving of damp fuel though and if you close the stove down for long periods then the glass going black is relatively easy. I obviously use perfect fuel, on good internal, lined chimneys so every stove is tested in ideal surroundings, and it was certainly clean enough, but nothing above expectation.


Controls & Controllability: 5/10

This stove is really nicely put together, the handles appear to be stainless steel, with a reasonable feel and well finished. The controllability is reasonable and it has a really nicely thought out DEFRA kit that can be removed very easily (as seen in my videos) and this makes the stove well controlled and improves potential burn time


Fuel economy & Burn time: 5/10

This stove varies like most depending on whether the DEFRA kit is installed or not, but generally it performs as expected. This is a relatively standard stoves and it lives up to what is expected and, didn't disappoint. If you were burning coal I've no doubt the performance would improve as this stove has a number of features that will favour coal based fuel.


Who's it for:

This stove is designed as a back up and focal point. It is intended to be flexible, capable of burning any fuel and doing a good job. This makes the stove relatively unexceptional, but also reliable, no stress and easy. If you plan to use a stove for evenings and weekends it will suit you perfectly, it favours intermittent and occasional use, and does a good job.

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