Heta ScanLine 1000 review

Heta ScanLine 1000 review

The ScanLine 1000 is a beast. It comes in loads of versions, but as standard you get the large stove with Heta's famous ash pan, which is patented and so big the users find they only empty it a handful of times a year. It has a small space beneath the ash pan for bits and pieces and has a full companion set built into the lower door. You also get coated handles that don't get hot and a door latch design which means the door can simply be slammed closed. You then get a number of options including thermal mass heat storage blocks to retain heat for hours. You can get a large oven and there are several colour and stone coating options too.


Lighting the stove: 7/10

Lighting Heta stoves always requires dry fuel, and because of the size of this Tove you'll need quite a bit. Stack it up, with lots of gaps and slowly getting smaller as you get to the top, put a firefighter on the top, light it and leave the door just ajar. The stove will then take over and do all the hard work, and after 15 minutes or so just shove the door closed and this beast begins filling the room with heat.


Cleanness: 9/10

Big stoves are much harder to keep clean, efficient and compliant with all the new modern regs. This stove surpasses all the requirements and runs completely spotless. You can even keep it clean whilst running the stove overnight or all day whilst you're at work, which is a bit like asking a lorry to run as cleanly as your everyday hatchback, it shouldn't be possible.


Controls & Controllability: 10/10

On the front of the stove just below the main door, you will find 2 very neat, silicone coated handles, that sit symmetrically either side each other. The left hand side one is that air control that slides from left to right to open and close the air intake on the stove. the one on the right is the door handle, it is spring loaded and clicks straight back in the closed position so that you can just slam the door closed. The handles as mentioned stay cool and feel perfectly engineered. Then when you test the effect of the air vent, you're not left disappointed at all, the stove controls perfectly and the visual affect is so spectacular that the footage has been part of my Youtube intro ever since.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 10/10

We have to start by remembering that this is a big appliance with a big output. Most stoves I test are 5kw and this one is capable of 3 times that output, so it should use a lot more fuel even if it's performing very well. This stove outperformed even my most optimistic guess and could run overnight without even trying. You can then add in that I was running this stove all day all night, whilst keeping the glass clean, and that it was basically heating the entire house on its own. This stove has well earned its 10/10 rating.


Who's it for:

This is obviously very modern and quite a beast, so it's not for everyone. But if you have a big open space and want a fantastic finishing touch, an alternative cooking solution or a serious heating option then look no further. I cannot imagine a scenario where this stove does anything but astound its owner.


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