Parkray Aspect review

Parkray Aspect review

This is the highest selling range by far of the Hunter Stoves group, and I can see why. It's well priced, smart, tough, has that huge viewing window that everyone's after and who, what or where doesn't it suit?

They make loads of versions:

The Aspect 4, 4 compact, 5, 5 compact, 6, 7, 8, 14 and a 14 boiler

They are fully focused wood burners with no grate or ash pan, but they do make a simple add in grate for occasional coal use, but I cannot think why anyone would want that given the disadvantages it inflicts.

They also make log stores and bench tops for the stoves so they not only suit small fireplaces, but also grand barn conversions, freestanding in a modern kitchen and even big inglenooks. Having looked carefully at its design it seems obvious that the Hunter group have taken some inspiration from other manufacturers, and from my point of view that's no bad thing. Hunter traditionally have always got tough and reliable down, but beautifully controlled and engineered wouldn't necessarily be synonymous with the Hunters and Parkrays of old. This one has changed that, this gives everything that Parkrays always have, and more. Gone are the low efficiencies, the peeling paint, the poor control, the dirty glass and the dodgy handles. And thankfully, retained is the fair price, tough build, local dealerships and serviceability.


Lighting the stove: 5/10

Lighting the stove is normal for modern stoves. You use the top down method, leave the door ajar and the stove does the rest. There's a knack with everything, but nothing out of the ordinary here.


Cleanness: 6/10

All stoves need dry fuel, but if you've got that it surpasses all the requirements, is DEFRA approved as standard and runs clean even when kept in for long periods.


Controls: 7/10

It has 1 single air control that you pull in and out. It feels smooth and the control is relatively linear, which makes it fun and rewarding to use. The main handle is pull up design rather than the old twisty Parkray handles, it works really well, has a nice clunk, but it does get hot (good thing the stove comes with a pair of gloves).


Fuel economy: 6/10

This stove will run hot with a big flame, but will also close down effectively to a low glow with pretty rippling flames across the huge piece of glass. The Aspect range runs at slightly above average, benefitting from the inspiration the designers took from other high end stoves. It will neither dazzle nor disappoint, it just does a competent job at whatever you request of it.


Who's it for:

 Well you've gotta like the look, other than that it's tricky to find someone, or somewhere it doesn't suit. It's a VW Golf, its good enough for the future Queen of England and me alike.



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I bought two Parkray Aspect 14B stoves in quick succession in Feb 2024. Both leaked from welds. and had to be returned. I would avoid this model, I believe there may be a problem with the quality control.

Nicholas Kite

I’ve got the 14kw. My only issue is the ash tends to fall out when you open the door. With other log burners you can burn for much longer before emptying, this needs doing every day to keep a shallow bed and prevent the vents at the back from becoming blocked.
Other than that it’s an awesome piece of kit.

Lynne Hutchinson

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