F2 Due Landscape review

F2 Due Landscape review

The F2 Vue Landscape is a solid cast iron appliance made in China and distributed in the UK by Eurostove, based in the SouthWest of England. The stove is multi-fuel, but has a static grate that is better suited to wood burning, rather than coal use. 

They make a couple versions:

F2 Vue Landscape

F2 Due Landscape Log store


Lighting the stove: 7/10

The lighting procedure is fairly standard, but because of the lower air vent it's quite quick.


Cleanness: 5/10

This is a fairly clean stove, but being a generic cast stove it is fairly standard. The same technology exists in essentially all stoves, hence the bang in the middle rating.


Controls & Controllability: 5/10

It has 2 controls, they do get hot, but they do look smart enough and are easy to adjust. The main handle is the same story, but none of it is beautifully engineered instead it is just bog standard and ordinary. Now when I say that, it isn't an insult, it's just ordinary like most things, nothing spectacular or terrible. When it comes to the controllability again it is a similar story, it works well and does a reasonable job. 


Fuel economy & Burn time: 5/10

The fuel economy is again reasonable, but nothing to write home about. The grate does offer a certain flexibility with the fuels you burn, but it also reduces the controllability and the burn time (particularly with wood burning).  


Who's it for:

This is a good all-round stove, it's decent at everything we tested and it's got a great price too. This stove will suit people burning mainly wood and using the stove for mainly evening and weekend use, it will run clean, efficiently and hot. Also the optional log store means it can suit a number of different fireplaces or freestanding in a room too.

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