Heta Ambition stove review

Heta Ambition stove review

The Heta Ambition stove seems to me to be the "traditional black box" stove that Heta always wanted to make. The started with the Inspire which became the industry stove to beat, and many copies have come out since, but it was always made to fill a gap rather than the pioneering piece of engineering perfection that the Ambition proves to be. They make 2 versions:

The Ambition 5 & Ambition 8


They are both fully focused wood burners with no grate or ash pan, and they are utterly uncompromising in the way they have been designed, fettled and perfected. Built from the ground up in Denmark to achieve the closest thing to perfection as is possible in your home.



Lighting the stove: 3/10

Lighting the stove is like riding a bike, it's damn difficult. But like riding, once you've got it, you'll never struggle again. If you've ever done anything even close to perfectly, you'll know it's a formidable task and this is no different. The fuel, its placement, the amount, the chimney draw, the time you leave the door ajar, when you choose to re-load, must all be spot on to succeed. But once you've done it, it'll certainly repay you.


Cleanness: 9/10

Obviously a stove like this doesn't just pass the modern requirements, it blows them out of the water, in fact Heta's worst performing stove surpassed the requirements of 2022 back in 2007. The glass is crystal clear when you get it right, but just like anything this finely tuned, get it wrong and you will find it very unforgiving.


Controls: 10/10

The controls as you'd expect exceed any stove users expectations. Some how metal controls on a metal stove that is 200ºC don't get hot? They're also beautifully finished, the main handle is a solid billet of stainless steel that has been fluted to lose heat and the reassuring "Mercedes like" clunk just makes you feel good every time you open and close the door. The air control is made of cast iron and feels substantial, and when you move it left and right to control the stove, it's smooth and doesn't stick or become less effective over time. If you remove the DEFRA kit (which I would recommend to everyone who doesn't have to have it) a small movement will have an immediate and dramatic affect on the way the stove burns. Get the stove hot and then close it 2/3 of the way and the picture of flames becomes an impossible recurring burst of the most incredible living picture you've ever seen. Leave it like this, go to bed, and get up 8-10 hours later in the morning. You'll find that the house is warm, that stunning picture is still crystal clear, just add some small pieces and open the air vent, have some breakfast and it's straight back with a roaring flame. Perfection is the only adjective, but it's also the requirement. Get the air vent in the wrong place by just 1 centimetre and you'll find either a stove that has gone out or a glass that is blackened with tar.


Fuel economy: 10/10

The fuel economy with this stove is hugely variable, you can achieve really whatever you want with it. Run it hot and have it look a million dollars and it will eat the fuel at an expected pace, although the way it turns that fuel into heat is hard to match. Or you can close it down and some how get a half load of fuel to run all day whilst you're at work, including:

travel time, and a kip when you get home, and making dinner, plus it's warm.


Who's it for:


This stove definitely has the right buyer and the wrong buyer. Having sold stoves for years I find this stove very surprising. Normally with something like this you would want to shy away from selling it to a customer who you thought "might be a pain". Its a tricky stove to use and if you have a tricky customer, the last thing you want is a nuisance that you have to revisit on a weekly basis. But strangely it is this difficult customer whom once they have learned it, will get the most from it. People who are particular and want the best are often the ones whom are willing to give their best. This stove will require your best in everything:

intention, fuel, effort, attention and ability to listen, watch and learn.

It will suit you, because if you are looking for the best it will never let you down.



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