Westfire Uniq 44 & 45 review

Westfire Uniq 44 & 45 review

The Westfire Uniq 44 range used to be called the Uniq 17, 18 and 18 with log store door. They are now called the Uniq 44,45 & 46. They are made by Westfire in Denmark and then distributed in the UK by Eurostove (based in the SouthWest of England. These stoves are all focused on burning wood, but they do have a grate and an ash pan, they are also full convection appliances which mean that they drive heat around open spaces more quickly.


Lighting the stove: 7/10

Lighting Westfire stoves is generally fairly easy and these are no different. Being convection stoves however they do take longer to heat up and they do want dry fuel.


Cleanness: 6/10

They run very nice and clean, and because they're not super controllable they will tend to stay clean, but again fry fuel is an important part of keeping these stoves clean.


Controls & Controllability: 5/10

This stove has 2 controls, both move from left to right to open and close. The slide easily, and the stainless steel handle is also nicely finished and engineered. The controllability is a little lacking however, particularly as this is a high end Scandinavian manufactured stove. Run the stove fully open and fully close it down and the difference is relatively disappointing.

Fuel economy & Burn time: 6/10

The fuel economy is reasonable, but nothing to write home about. The grate and ash pan is slightly to blame for this, but also the lack of control over the air does cause the stove to always run at a good pace. The burn time is also not particularly impressive, but the way it drives heat around open spaces through its convection system is very impressive and when you bear this in mind the stoves fuel economy is actually performing at a higher level than it initially appears.


Who's it for:

This is built for open plan living, people running their stoves in the evenings and over the weekends will get on with it really well and the way it pushes heat around an open plan space makes it ideal for modern ones. It's clean, efficient, very smart and well priced too. It also comes from a highly regarded brand from a country that is famous for producing some of the best stoves in the world. It is a dream finishing touch for any modern, open plan home.


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