Welcome to the Tortoise!

I am the 3rd generation of my family that has worked with stoves. I've worked as the Warehouse boy, Fitter, Salesman and Managing Director. I now review wood burning stoves (and other appliances), and create general knowlege videos surrounding all things fire related on YouTube.

This is my website, and on here you will find products and merchandise that we sell to support this small business, and you will also find review blogs that have the accompanying YouTube video reviews attached.

Have a look around and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • FAQ's

    Why are you called the tortoise?

    I'm not sure, I love the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, and truth be told I've never been great at high speed. I think it's also motivational, keeps me going and focused on the bigger picture.

  • FAQ's

    What companies have your family run?

    My Grandfather had a gas stove manufacturing business and my Father at 1 point had the biggest stove retail business in the UK. I then started my own stove shop after my father retired and I stepped down when my wife got ill.

    So that this company can remain impartial I deliberately distance this business from the other companies me and my family are involved with. I review and test stoves from all different manufacturers and do not have any recommended retailers for any of them.

  • FAQ's

    Are you paid to make reviews?

    No, I buy and get sent products to review and I will often sell those on eBay to try and cover the production costs. We then earn a very small amount from YouTube advertising and we also sell a few stove/YouTube channel related products on this website.

    Needless to say this is a very small business and I generally support my family through other businesses that I am involved with.