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Schott Robax Dry Wiper

Schott Robax Dry Wiper


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The Schott Robax dry wiper is a fantastic product, created by the people who make the Glass in your stove.
Moisture on glass can cause damage particularly crazing when mixed with the acids from burning fuels. Because most people would clean their glass using a damp cloth or liquid cleaner, these issues increased. Schott Robax have introduced their “dry wiper”, which is not only the only product that they can recommend, but is also the only one you’ll ever need. The abrasive side has a total hardness below that of the glass so there is no risk of scratching, but it will effectively remove anything that is on the glass. The sponge side will then wipe away any debris or bits remaining.
This is all I ever use and it works perfectly and best of all I have never suffered any glass defects like crazing or micro fractures spoiling the clean look.

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