Charnwood Country 4 review

Charnwood Country 4 review

The Country 4 BLUE is a recreation of an old favourite by Charnwood. They have been making the Country range for decades and it has always worked well for small rooms. The stove is designed as a wood burner, but can have an optional multi-fuel grate fitted as an extra if needed. It is designed and built from the ground up on the Isle of White in England, and is tough, timeless and can be tailored to you with several options:

8 different colours

Clip on shelf

and the flue boiler


Lighting the stove: 9/10

This stove has a spinner on the door to allow lower air straight into the stove. This makes lighting it really easy and quick, it's also small and fairly square in shape which also helps draw and getting a fire going.


Cleanness: 8/10

Charnwood are becoming known for their eagerness to have stoves approved, and signed off as very clean burning. Needless to say, but this is no different, and thankfully it doesn't just tick a government box, it also runs clean. You can get it wrong and like most it can haze over time, but a quick wipe and it's as clean as a whistle again.


Controls & Controllability: 6/10

Charnwood have this habit of making their controls stick out and It's my main complaint. This stoves main control is on the top right hand side of the stove and it pulls out around 3" beyond the side of the stove. This no only looks silly, but dirt is completely unnecessary, but to be fair it does have a nice brass knob on it and I am being a little picky. The other habit Charnwood have is wooden handles and this one is lovely, stays cool and has a lovely clunk when you use it. The primary air spinner is traditional and solid cast iron, it definitely needs a glove to use, but they send gloves with the stove so who am I to complain.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 6/10

This stove performs really well, it's controlled, fuel efficient and can stay in for hours once you've learned the technique. It is small and the right shape to get the most out of your fuel, and it does everything that you'd expect.


Who's it for:

Charnwood make very tough, efficient yet simple and desirable stoves. This is not a cheap stove for what it is, but it feels lovely. I can't explain it, Charnwood comes with a certain X factor, that makes you want one and when you've got it you some how feel superior or maybe it's that you got the right thing and others have clearly missed out. The stove isn't particularly special from a technical or performance point of view, and yet I want to rate it higher than any other similar appliances. If you have a small space and want something clean, cosy, tough and a little exclusive then look no further, this little Charnwood has everything you'll ever want.


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