Arada M Series review:

Arada M Series review:

The M series is one of the only fully focused wood burners that the Arada group have made over their several decades of manufacturing stoves. This one can be placed straight on the floor have little legs or a couple of log store bases, and it is available in lots of different colours. They make it with steel and cast iron doors, but I would suggest having the cast iron one as it will stand the test of time far better.


Lighting the stove: 5/10

It's all about the setting up with this stove, if you have some kindling, small logs and a fire lighter then this stove works beautifully. But if you don't have all the right things, or get it wrong at any point then it can be pretty unforgiving. 


Cleanness: 8/10

Arada take clean glass very seriously and this attitude is how in the performance of all their stoves. This one runs beautifully clean all the time, and of course it has a high efficiency and all the modern approvals. As expected this is one of the highest ratings that this stove is tested in, a deliberately earned 8/10.


Controls & Controllability: 3/10

Smoke spillage during re-loading can be a problem, but again only if you don't think ahead and get everything right. The controls and handle are all nicely designed and have a lovely feel, the problem arises in their effectiveness. The main door handle can be knocked open and when you shut the stove down, the difference between fully open to fully closed is again not obvious.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 7/10

Thanks to this stoves high efficiency it actually surpassed expectation in this area. You can achieve a long burn time with some dry fuel and a bit of practice, it will run clean whilst achieving an economic burn and it effectively, drives heat into your room.


What I thought:

I have mixed thoughts about this stove. I wish it was more controllable and I don't like the door catch, at best it's quirky and at worst you can't trust it to hold if bumped or if the chimney pressure were to cause a sudden or temporary reversal, blowing the door open. However to be fair this stove isn't focused on me as the buyer. It is designed as a back up and focal point for the evening, it's designed to be watched and used as the focal point, not to be left chugging in the back ground. And to be fair this is what most buyers are looking for, you're also potentially looking for choice, customisation and a great flame picture and this stove delivers better than most:

The handle is quite unique and a cool gimmick

It comes in loads of colours

You can get it with lots of bases to suit your style

and the flame picture is clean and spectacular.


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