Penman Bassington Eco review:

Penman Bassington Eco review:


The Penman Bassington comes in a couple of versions:

A compact and the standard version that I tested. They also make these stoves with slightly different bases, they make an enamelled version and they make a log store for the standard Bassington too.

They are all cast iron, multi fuel with a full riddling grate and smart clean look.


Lighting the stove: 8/10

This has a grate and a lower air vent which not only makes it multi-fuel it also makes it very quick and easy to light. Unlike some stoves the door opens wide which sounds silly, but does make a difference when you're using it every day.


Cleanness: 9/10

This stove runs as high as 84% efficiency and I haven't had it cloudy or misty on the glass either so this performed really well. It obviously has all the obligatory approvals, and as far as cleanness is concerned this is a very high performing stove. It missed 10/10 only because its multi-fuel design does prohibit a user from easily achieving an overnight burn with wood.


Controls & Controllability: 5/10


Smoke spillage wasn't a problem particularly when used well. The stove strangely comes with 1 glove, maybe that's cost saving, but it did seam a little tight. However the tool didn't seem cheap, and a real nice change when compared to many other stoves with rubbish bent pieces of steel that are supposedly finished tools. The controllability is respectable, nothing to write home about but it was good enough. The handle and controls do get very hot, so you will need your glove and hopefully you get the right one for you and how you open it.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 5/10

This stove ran for 7-9 hours on a net of kiln dried logs, given its very high efficiency you know, and I could feel that we were getting lots of heat, the only downside is that you would get it fairly quick. Given this it seems that this is a stove that is focused on evening and weekend use as apposed to all day and night. 


What I thought:

Its multi fuel design does give it some flexibility, but the grate itself is a little fiddly to use. The controls also get hot and the air control is not quite as effective as I would have hoped. But this drive towards the peak of functional capability in stove was never what this stove wanted to achieve. It wants to be clean, smart looking nicely finished, efficient, and a wonderful, traditional focal point. In these areas it's not only high performing it's superb. The way it burns is captivating and the whole aesthetic affect was good enough for both me and Amy to separately say "I'd keep this stove it's lovely". And given the number we go through the praise couldn't really get higher than that.


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