E Cosy Hampton Vista Range

E Cosy Hampton Vista Range


This stove comes from a huge range from stove World. This company bucks the trend as they sell direct to consumers rather than through a dealer network. This makes their stoves vastly cheaper as essentially you buy for the price that the shop would have. They are shipped in from China (like many other "British" stoves), which is the other way that they are achieving such a low price, for something that feels and performs like a far more premium product.

This one is available in a few versions:


500 Wide


entirely focused on wood burning with a steel body, cast iron door and a clean contemporary look. They also come with direct air as standard. 



Lighting the stove: 7/10

There is no grate or ash-pan for the air to sip up through, yet the stove lights fine with the door just ajar. 


Cleanness: 8/10

This stove runs at around 80% efficiency and it complies with all the clean air regs (DEFRA & Eco Design). The stove ran overnight and stayed clean and as you can see in the video still had the fan spinning some 10.5 hours later.  


Controls & Controllability:7/10

The spillage of smoke is not really an issue unless you open it when it's full. The handles stay cool which is excellent, however mine did lose its very noticeable clunk on closing after a few burns, it still worked well but didn't feel quite as refined. The stove comes with gloves for putting fuel on it. The control itself is good, I used it mainly without the DEFRA kit installed so that keeps it at peak performance. Speaking of the air control, I loved the little twist knob on the side of the stove. It does the same thing as any other air control, but it's different and (maybe this is just me) but that's great.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 8/10

Having tested 2 stoves from Stove World I was expecting it to perform well, and this one didn't['t disappoint. It's wider design does make it use fuel slightly quicker, but you have to bear in mind these stoves perform at a very high level generally so, this isn't really a negative point.


What I thought:


I really enjoyed this stove, the main handle wasn't perfect, and its depth will make getting lots of/large pieces of fuel on it tricky. But it looks great, it controlled well, it's highly efficient, very modern looking and the usual Stove World pricing which is nearly impossible to compete with. If you like the look of it and want a big, clean glass to look at all evening then it is definitely worth a look. That brings me on to the biggest problem though, unfortunately there's basically no shops where you can go and see it, luckily you can watch the below video which will give you a real feel for it, as long as you trust my judgement 😁.


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