Pevex Bucklesham Enamel review

Pevex Bucklesham Enamel review


Other colours are available.


The Bucklesham by Pevex is a stand alone stove with the same engine as many other stoves they make. The only real difference between this and many other stoves in their range (that are available in more than 1 size) is that the bucklesham has a cast iron top and front. This makes the stove more traditional looking, but also more rounded rather than the sharp edges of steel, and this means you can enamel it. Obviously when it came to reviewing it, we couldn't just accept a standard black one, so we begged and pleaded till we got the enamel, which was a lovely change!

They come with multi-fuel static grates and an ash pan, which means it's suited to both fuels, but not ideal for serious/constant use. It comes with gloves a simple tool and a big viewing glass. Oh and it's all made and enamelled in Britain!


Lighting the stove: 4/10

Enamel appliances need to be cared for, if you have an old car you allow it to heat up before driving it hard and this is the same. Take your time, don't rush enjoy the process and using it, it's about the journey not the destination.


Cleanness: 4/10

It's pretty efficient and has DEFRA approval etc, but how clean it runs is heavily reliant on how dry your fuel is. It doesn't want to want to be run hard or necessarily spotless, it wants to cruise, run gently and be enjoyed. It's full of character and looks superb, it's not the cleanest but you've missed the point if that's the question you're asking. A bit like putting an electric motor into an old E-type Jag or "make up" on me, you're really barking up the wrong tree.


Controls & Controllability: 8/10

The handle has a satisfying clunk, the vents slide open and closed with ease and it's very controllable too. It's ideal, you can really blast it very quickly if needed, but if you've gone a bit too far, just shut the vent and it'll close down immediately.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 7/10


Obviously this stove isn't about economy, it's like an old Jag. You're buying it with your heart because you love the old ways, styles and feel. Having said that it still ran for 8-11 hours on a net of logs, depending on how clean it was running, so to be fair this stove is offering a lot of everything.


What I thought:


The handle and controls get hot, enamel has loads of disadvantages (which you can read in another blog), and it's not going to break any efficiency records. But if like me you can move passed that, then the look and charm of enamel may grab you, and if it does then to hell with the problems, there is nothing else that will tick the boxes like this.


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