Pevex Serenity range review:

Pevex Serenity range review:

The Pevex Serenity range is made up primarily of 3 versions, the 40, 45 and 50. However within these 3 sizes there are then several other versions including: an inset (as in our video), a normal stove on legs, one with no legs, various log store versions with open log stores or with tall glass doors and a pedestal version too. They're all focused on wood burning but have grates to allow coal use occasionally, they're all made from steel and are dominated by this all glass front. 


Lighting the stove: 8/10

The multi-fuel grate does allow air from below which does assist with this. Whether you have an inset or freestanding, it jets up to temperature in no time.


Cleanness: 5/10

It runs at around 80% efficiency, but can cloud on the glass with use so typically it will need a wipe before you light it again, but I never struggled with black on the glass.


Controls & Controllability: 7/10

The handle has a nice clunk, but the controls are a little clunky and whilst it has a tool for adjusting them it works far better just putting on the provided glove and using the controls by hand. The control itself is rather good, the only thing that held it back slightly is the refinement of the controls.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 7/10

This stove can run very economically, but there is a clear trade off between fuel economy and a clean burn. You can achieve a very long burn and even with wood you can get to the point that you could use this stove in quite a serious way, but you do lose a very clean burn. If you want to run it clean its not that you lose anything, but it will need to give it's heat fairly quickly in order to maintain that very clean burn.


What I thought:

The finish isn't perfect and as mentioned the refinement is its weak point. But where the effort has been put in, fitting, lighting, controlling; this stove is effective and easy to use. I also like its all glass front and modern look, and if that suits you it's certainly worth going to see in your local stove shop.


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