RecoHeat review:

RecoHeat review:

The Recoheat is an intriguing little gadget. At the turn of the century stove fans were created and we all thought "that looks like an expensive gimmick". Since then prices have collapsed and thousands are sold all over the woodburning stove world. The advantage a fan has is that you can put on any stove in seconds and if you want remove it, it again takes just a second, they're also silent. The recoheat therefore does have some negative points:

You need to connect it into the flue (this is pretty easy, but you may need a hand from a friend or your sweep, or your fitter if it is being fitted at the same time as your stove)

When it is on there is a noise, both from the pump (although this could be piped into a loft or elsewhere so it can't be heard) and from the nozzle on the flue itself as the air rushes out.

Having said these, it is vastly more effective than a fan and from what I can tell will last longer and more reliably too. The affect on my home when I (real world) tested it is best seen in the video at the bottom of this review, but since then I have been playing with it off and on for months. It continues to have a marked affect on the heating of the home and depending which stove I'm testing that week, can be the difference between heating 1 room and the hall, and driving heat around the whole house by the following morning.



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