Ribble Valley Wilpshire review:

Ribble Valley Wilpshire review:



The Ribble Valley Wilpshire is a small stove from a new, small importer of multi-fuel stoves. It's similar to many of the other import stoves we've seen, but they all have tweaks based upon a common theme. This keeps costs tight and performance reliable high on these very cost effective and toughly built stoves. The Ribble Valley stoves are all (for now at least) multi-fuel stoves with proper riddling grates, and a fairly impressive 10 year warranty.


Lighting: 8/10

This stove is multi-fuel, so it is very easy to light. 

Cleanness: 5/10

This stove runs at 76% efficiency, and obviously it has the approvals from DEFRA and Eco-Design. To be fair this stove didn't struggle to run clean generally, but in order to keep things clean, whilst achieving a long burn either relied on coal use or wasn't possible.


Controls: 5/10

It comes with a tool for the ash pan, but not the riddling mechanism or door. It also doesn't have a glove, so you will need to get some to use the stove. Thankfully you can buy some here on this very website!

The riddling mechanism for removing ash is very effective, and the separate lower and upper controls make burning different fuels nice and easy. Their effect is good, and the handle closes nicely, so overall a good thing, just held back slightly by the lack of practicality as standard. All things considered a score in the middle at 5 was fair, I do like the ease of adding and removing the DEFRA kit which has definitely improved its standing and practical use for ordinary users like us. 


Economy: 5/10


This stove ran for 11 hours on a single net of kiln dried logs. But to be fair it was assisted by the fact that this is the smallest model that Ribble Valley do. It's toughly built so I'm not expecting too many unwelcome spares requirements, and it has a good warranty, however this isn't the sort of stove built for long or constant burns, it is much more focused on achieving that evening occasional back up and focal point.


What I thought:


This stove is simple and very tough. It is designed for evening use, to be flexible on fuel and easy to use, and to be fair it achieves these objectives very well, it also runs very clean when used in this way. And when you consider the price too, how could anyone complain. The key thing as always is buying the thing that suits your intended use, this will suit perhaps even most of us, so given what I've said, if it sounds like a winner for you, then it will be! We put it through it's paces as we always do, and to be fair, it certainly didn't let us down!



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