The Woodford Chadwick review

The Woodford Chadwick review


The Woodford Chadwick is very similar to their other Lowry and Turing stoves with a slightly different look. It is made from steel with a cast iron door, it has a full riddling grate and ash pan, comes with direct air and all the modern clean burning approvals.

It also has a lifetime warranty (whatever that means?) and is designed to run either wood or coal based fuel for evenings and weekends. 


Lighting the stove: 7/10

It was up to temperature in 20 minutes generally, which was a while given that it is a small stove, but it certainly wasn't a lot of effort thanks to the lower air vents which catch logs quickly.


Cleanness: 6/10

It's DEFRA approved and EcoDesign, and running clean is what it was built to do. I couldn't run it overnight with wood easily, but whenever it was running it tended to burn hot and clean.


Controls & Controllability: 6/10

This stove has 3 controls, so you can really tailor where you want the air from depending on what you're burning. There was no issue with smoking out when re-loading and all the handles look quite smart. It doesn't come with gloves which you will need:

As the handles do get hot, and they're also not super effective, but to be fair this model is designed allow air running through it for big flames and clean glass.


Fuel economy & Burn time: 6/10

The stove has good fuel economy, but it will primarily suit evening and weekend use. You could get more out of it with coal based fuel, but this would not be the focus of most buyers of this model.


What I thought:

This stove will ordinarily be bought as part of an installation package at a relatively low price and in that situation it will suit a lot of people. It's not the best stove out there, but it's tough, decent and efficient enough to achieve a big upgrade on any open fire or old stove that you're replacing.


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