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Chesneys Stoves Replacement Glass

Chesneys Stoves Replacement Glass


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Chesneys Stoves
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Our glass is made by Schott Robax in Germany, the leading manufacturer of stove glass.
It is all 4mm thick and made to a dimensional tolerance of 1mm.
This glass is generic and is therefore plain and clear ceramic glass. This means it will not include OEM etching, logos, blacked out areas or other decoration that may be present on any original OEM glass.

1 little bit of official speak. Obviously this glass will be custom cut to the sizes you’ve requested. It is therefore non-refundable, you must double check the total width and length and confirm that the sizes you’re looking at correlate with your glass. If there are any discrepancies or questions please do not hesitate to message us at!

Stove glass should be kept clean, and it is important to keep moisture away from it. This is true of all stove glass as the mix of moisture and the acids in the deposit on the glass can cause etching to the outer layer of glass. This is why we recommend and also sell the Schott Robax Dry Wiper for cleaning your glass. In Fact if you order it with your glass then you save 5% on the whole order!

Stove glass is made from a 0 thermal expansion ceramic. It will not crack or defect when subject to any normal operating temperatures. Cracks or breaks in glass are caused by a bump, or massive changes in temperature (eg cold water or air hitting it when it is very hot). This will typically cause a wavy or curved break, rather than a straight break that is caused by an impact.



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