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The Tortoise

The Custom Rope Kit (after all, we don’t all fit neatly in a box)

The Custom Rope Kit (after all, we don’t all fit neatly in a box)


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Rope Diameter
Glass seal? (+£2.00)

Rope Kit Includes:

- 2.5m of your chosen diameter rope

- Enough end sealing tape for 6 uses

- Our own Silicone based glue (the best I've ever used)

- Free Delivery


If you have any special requests then feel free to message us, but otherwise measure your existing rope and order the relevant size. If you don’t have the old rope, you’re not sure what stove you have or it’s not listed then simply measure the biggest part of the gap it needs to fill, add 2mm and that’s the rope size you need.

Glass seal is a little simpler as most stoves will allow varying thicknesses and sizes, as you just don’t do the glass clips up so much.

All our kits come with silicone based glue, which is far superior as it holds better, lasts longer and doesn’t dribble all down the door! And they come with end sealing tape which significantly improves the life span of the ropes too.

As always delivery is included, and all our instructions are on our YouTube channel (your kit will come with a link to the specific video, of how to get everything just so)!

I have been re-roping doors on stoves since I was at school. I have had to do it on stoves where the doors won’t come off, ultra modern and tricky stoves and a few simple ones too. These kits are all designed by me. The ropes are soft, high quality and long lasting. The glue is silicone based and perfect for the job (the standard rope glues are in my opinion simply awful to use, ask anyone who’s used it). And we include end sealing tape too, you don’t need much of this, but missing it causes premature fraying and faster wear and tear.

If you have any questions just message me.



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