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Dovre Stoves Rope Kit

Dovre Stoves Rope Kit


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Dovre Stoves Rope Kit
These kits are not the original genuine manufacturer kits, they are designed to be better! From price, to delivery times, materials and the final result, they are exactly what I have always wanted to be available. Having re-roped literally hundreds of stove doors, since I was 11, I have not only deciphered the best techniques for a smart looking finish. But I’ve also obsessed over the right materials, just the glue for example, such a simple thing, but I would wager that our product is the best on the market by a mile. And if you have a reasonable disagreement with this I will refund you in full!

All our rope kits come with:

Glass seal
Door ropes
Silicone based glue
And end sealing tape for the ropes.

If you have any questions about fitting, then please check out our rope fitting video:

It is important to bear in mind the following:

The doors should be dry and cleaned of all old glue and ropes before fitting.

We supply silicone based glue so ropes can be glued without removing the door (as it doesn’t dribble), but it easiest to take the door off, if possible.

Follow the instructions in the YouTube video for the best results.

New ropes are very spongy and will likely make it harder to close the door. This is normal, the ropes are the correct size and will settle in. Some stoves will enable you to loosen the catch and slowly tighten as the ropes age. If yours is not like this then it will take some strength to shut the door, before the door is fired and bedded in.

Thank you for buying from our little shop, your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for trusting us,




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