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The Tortoise

The Tortoise Stove Fan

The Tortoise Stove Fan


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The Tortoise stove fan is designed to circulate warm air within the room. The fans simply sit on top of a wood burning stove and will generate their own electrical power once the base of the fan has reached 100ºC.

The fan will start automatically when placed on the top of a lit stove and speed and power will be directly affected by the temperature of the stove, in other words: When the stove heats up the fan runs faster, as the stove burns down the fan will start to slow.

The Tortoise fan costs nothing to run as it only uses the heat from the stove which ensures it's the most economical way to circulate the warm air. It also comes with a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing or electrical fault, but do have in mind these fans are relatively delicate and should be placed towards the back of a stove to ensure they won't be disturbed and for best heat circulation results. Dropping, bumping the fan or turning the propellor the wrong way will cause damage and will void the warranty.


Height: 230mm

Width: 205mm

Depth: 120mm




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