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The Tortoise

The Tortoise Candle

The Tortoise Candle


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We have 3 Tortoise candle options:

Salmon Pink

Deep Sea Blue 

Stone Grey

Each one measures:

130mm diameter

60mm tall

They are round, and the outer shell is made from fired clay. They have a toxin free soy wax candle with 3 wicks and a long burn time of around 24 hours. Once you’ve added a stove to your room, this is a perfect way to finish the space and create the ambience you had hoped for. Or you can do what my wife does, and stand them on the hearth and never light them, apparently it completes the look. 

If you buy 3 there is a special discounted price, and whilst we have 3 colours, you could still opt for 3 of the same and still qualify for the discount. 



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