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The Tortoise

The Tortoise Silicone Rope Glue

The Tortoise Silicone Rope Glue


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Over the years I have re-ropes hundreds of stove doors. I’ve used the normal runny glue, the black thick glue and silicon glue. Silicon glue is the best by a mile. However generally it is only available in big tubes and often the applicators are either way too big, or a nightmare to squeeze the glue out of.

Ours is genuinely the best I’ve ever used, which is why I now offer it for sale!

It doesn’t run, it’s accurate and easy to apply and it lasts well too.

Make sure you clean your door, but as long as it’s clean, this glue works like any other, only minus the downsides. 😁

Oh and let it dry for 30-60min 👍



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