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The Tortoise

The Tortoise Stove Thermometer

The Tortoise Stove Thermometer


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This is one of the most useful stove gadgets you can get, and this one is all the better for having my logo on it!

Running stoves at the right temperature can be critical to things working well, experienced users will develop a feel for this over time. But of course you can't develop a feel for it at all unless you have something reliably telling you what the right temperature is. There are obviously other stove thermometers, but I have been reliably informed by my wife that mine is better, so please buy one from me!


Remember that these are delicate instruments that won't want to be played with. Simply put it on the pipe, 6-12" up from the stove using the inbuilt magnet or the screw if you have a S/S pipe. The rest is simple, try to keep the indicated temperature between the 2 markings at 120ºC-250ºC in the "best operation" section.



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